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AW17 Banks Drain Us Drop One

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  • Signature Logo Magnet Pins
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  • Signature Logo Magnet Pins
  • Signature Logo Magnet Pins

Banks Drain Us Signature Logo Magnet Pins

450 $ 14


  • Nickel magnet pins 
  • Made in Taiwan 


  • Logo plate with magnet backing 
  • comes with a mini folder 
  • quantity limited 


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      Banks Drain Us

      Some say that our lives are defined by the sum of our choices. The concept of money and its powers is something we are all too overly familiar with. “banks drain us” unveils both sides of the story by shedding light on the boundless inspiration of hope that coexists with money in contrast with the toxicity of power. Money can entice one to all kinds of sins - it is a golden ticket which builds a luxurious world beyond imagination or dissipates a relationship as thick as blood. It is both a blessing and a curse to own something that ultimately controls us. This is based on a true story.

      To dig deeper, the fundamental value of money can be categorized as a human thing. We arranged these values into three stages, each represented by a selected color scheme. Stage one is “selling dreams.” stage two is “the only common ground.” stage three is “created a devil, instead of a dream.” within each stage, we have pulled inspirations from people in poverty, bankers suffering from financial crisis, and authors from beat generation. All three appears to be extremely unrelated, but in reality, are strongly connected by the value of money and dreams.

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