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  • Signature Logo Magnet Pins

Seven Seconds of Memory Signature Logo Magnet Pins

450 $ 14


  • Nickel magnet pins 
  • Made in Taiwan 


  • Logo plate with magnet backing 
  • comes with a mini folder 
  • quantity limited 


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      Seven Seconds of Memory

      The collection is inspired from the interlocks of two unrelated stories - our family business in the fishing industry and a man named Clive Wearing. Fish only has the capacity for 7 seconds of memory. Similarly, Clive Wearing suffers from retrograde amnesia, which rejects the forming of any new memories or the ability to recall past experiences. In other words, Clive Wearing lives as though he has recently awoken from a coma. This syndrome is anything but ordinary, sparking an inspirational force that guided us to excel at updating the motifs of classic menswear.

      More specifically, SSOM advocates that we should all strive to discover the Clive's in ourselves; to maintain an unbiased mind towards race, culture, and identity. Prevailed by the traditional fashion in sub-cultural groups, SSOM forecasts a trend in darker color palettes and patterned stripes. A combination of oversized interior presenting the free-minded wearer and the cropped exterior silhouette presenting the societal restrictions.

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