Port Tanger

Inspired by the boisterous bustle of the Tangier streets, Port Tanger, launched in 2019, boasts a line of handcrafted unisex eyewear that celebrates the vibrant lifestyle of the Morrocan city from which it takes its name. Offered in a variety of understated, elegant silhouettes, each style poetically identifies with the brand’s North African heritage, with names such as Mektoub, a philosophical term in Arabic meaning “it is written,” or Tangerine, a fruit that gained its name from the city itself. Rendered in sumptuous gold-tones and earthy browns, the frames evoke the warmth of the North African sunshine, while lenses tinted with green and blue wink to the Mediterranean sea. Carefully crafted with Port Tanger’s values in mind, every pair is inscribed with the brand’s signature six point design. Repeated on both sides, these markings serve as a reminder to reflect on the past, through the pillars of nostalgia, tradition, and craftsmanship, and to cherish the present, with the principles of hope, design, and culture. Though reflecting on the past and present, it’s clear that Port Tanger’s timeless eyewear has a sunny future ahead.

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