GR-UNIFORMA is a multidisciplinary art project from Moscow-born Gosha Rubchinskiy. It includes a photography book, short films, clothing collections and the band GRUPPA, all revolving around the designer’s exploration of music.

Attempting to capture the essence of Russian youth and inspired by contemporary post-Soviet culture, Rubchinskiy seeks to define a streetwear uniform, albeit one that is never static⁠; the uniform, as it moves through time, is one that is forever evolving and transforming.

GR-Uniforma - Patchwork Sweatshirt Brown Patchwork Sweatshirt Brown

GR-Uniforma Patchwork Sweatshirt Brown

4,8009,600    [50% off] $ 154
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GR-Uniforma - Suit Jacket Grey Suit Jacket Grey

GR-Uniforma Suit Jacket Grey

Sold Out $ 387
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  • L
GR-Uniforma - Blue Striped Shirt Blue Striped Shirt

GR-Uniforma Blue Striped Shirt

7,80019,500    [60% off] $ 251
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  • L
GR-Uniforma - Tie Shirt White Tie Shirt White

GR-Uniforma Tie Shirt White

8,75017,500    [50% off] $ 282
  • M
GR-Uniforma - Cap Black

GR-Uniforma Cap Black

2,4006,000    [60% off] $ 77
  • O/S
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