Act Of Desire

" I Love You. I Love You So Much. I Perish In Your Love. I Fucking Die. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You. Every Night You Put Me To Sleep. A Never Waking Sleep, Like A Dried Out Flower. My Tongue Is Sticking To My Cheek. I Turn You Down, To Be Myself Again. I’m Overexposed And Turned Numb. Slowly Melting, Like Ice Cubes Out In The Sun."

Necessity Sense’s Ss20 Collection Derives From A Narrative Of Daily Life Addictions And How Today’s Information Overdose Has Benumbed Our Senses, Ultimately Overpowering Our Path In Life. Graphics Referencing Fading Flowers And Psychedelic Artworks Are Incorporated Into Our Tailored Relaxed Look. Necessity Sense Is Looking Back On Asian Culture Of The Past 60s, 80s Up Until 2000s And Reflecting Upon Key Moments While Ringing In A New Style Era For Spring Summer 2020.

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