Pressured Paradise Hand Carved Necklace Matte Nickel
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Pressured Paradise Hand Carved Necklace Matte Nickel
Pressured Paradise


  • Matte nickel
  • Handcrafted in Taiwan


  • Short necklace
  • Hand-carved horn pieces throughout
  • Custom circle chain
  • Adjustable closure to change the length
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Pressured Paradise Hand Carved Necklace Matte Nickel

Pressured Paradise

“Pressured Paradise” is an exploration towards the interesting social pressure and sexuality in Thailand - the epicenter of sex tourism.

For many foreigners, Thailand is the ideal destination to witness and experience a blooming red-light district. For us personally, Thailand has always been a spiritual destination to visit temples and monks. We found it very interesting that Thailand can satisfy both spiritual and physical desires through very contrasting cultures.

During childhood, every religious visit seems to be a forced parental trip to discover our spiritual paradise. Ironically, this relationship is applicable to sex tourism. A man seeks sexual paradise with prostitutions, while on the other side of the pillow, the action is perceived as an undesirable pressure and the only solution to maintain living.

Two contrasting situations and two contrasting cultures harmoniously making sense through our lens and conversations.

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