Pannelled Skirt Sunset
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Pannelled Skirt Sunset
Kwaidan Editions

Fabric & Hardware

  • 100% cupro with 100% viscose
  • Made in Italy


  • A crisscross of different fabrics and colours
  • This sleek satin panelled skirt features a photo of a brilliantly sunlit evening sky
  • Framed by kwaidan editions' signature delicate floral motif

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    • Model is 171cm and wears a size 36
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    Pannelled Skirt Sunset
    Pannelled Skirt Sunset
    Pannelled Skirt Sunset

    Kwaidan Editions

    Kwaidan Editions is a luxury womenswear brand based in West London. The brand is rooted in Creative Director Léa Dickely’s personal experience of not recognising herself in traditional female stereotypes. Kwaidan Editions embodies the decision to leave these definitions behind, and instead explore what it looks and feels like for a woman to be truly unencumbered. Established in 2017, Kwaidan Editions reinterprets ghosts of the past to express the uncanny present – the strange timeswe live in. Kwaidan Editions alludes to the eponymous occult film by Masaki Kobayashi (1965). By synthesizing disparate cultural references and unusual materials, Kwaidan Editions evokes the uncanny, supernatural atmosphere of the film.

    Kwaidan Editions envisions a world where women can experience true freedom—freedom from boundaries, constructs, and expectations. The intention is to provide women with the visual language to reflect their own personal exploration of what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

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