Knitted Tote Bag Multi National
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Knitted Tote Bag Multi National

Fabric & Hardware

  • Main : 100% Hand Made Cotton Straps 
  • Supplementary 1 : 100% Recycle Poly
  • Lining : 100% Cupro


  • Hand-made knitted fabrication by French artist - Delphine Dénéréaz
  • Contrast fabrication at back side 
  • Family Matters Label at corner
  • Elongated sterdy strap
  • Patched Pocket at interior
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Knitted Tote Bag Multi National
Knitted Tote Bag Multi National
Knitted Tote Bag Multi National


Founded by three brothers and their father, NAMESAKE or 以父之名 (which directly translates to “In the Name of the Father”) is a dialogue between generations. The Taiwan label embraces internal differences from the “generation gap” in its juxtaposed designs.

NAMESAKE's second collection is titled “Muscle Memory." Inspired by the current climate and them reminiscing their favorite family trip to Hawaii in 2007, where they had their first taste of vacation and first impression of American Dream. For Spring/Summer 2021, they focused on redefining the idea of sportswear by combining their appreciation towards Hawaii and feminism. Led by Patsy Mink, Hawaii was the forefront of feminism rights in athletic fields through the creation TITLE XI Amendment. Patsy gracefully opened doors for females athletes. Since feminism and motherhood is a strong value in the brother's family, the collection has a strong tribute to female touches in basketball. The Taipei labels aims to bring out a cohesive balance between masculinity-femininity and sports-agriculture to form a new gender-combined team.



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