Handmade Casablanca Fin Surf Board Retro Single Laurel
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Handmade Casablanca Fin Surf Board Retro Single Laurel


  • Hand-shaped Surf Board created in collaboration with world-renowned shaper Thierry Andre featuring our luxurious Red Diamond and Laurel branding.
  • Polyester resin
  • Tinted resin on the rails
  • Two-pin lines on top and back
  • Fibreglass printed back design
  • Rice paper printed front logo
  • Polish finish
  • Leash loop
  • Plugs box US (single fin)

Product Sizing

  • 6'9 x 19" 3/4 x 2" 7/8
  • 2100mm x 501mm x 73mm
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As the latest outing by freewheeling streetwear linchpin Charaf Tajer, who had a hand in establishing revered French label Pigalle among other feats, Casablanca proposes a thoughtfully-designed take on upgraded sportswear. Culling from a wealth of experience and intuitive understanding of what constitutes Parisian cool, Casablanca’s aesthetic framework is distinct yet familiar. Bringing an unprecedented sense of prestige to straightforward athleisure, the label zeroes in on a strain of sportswear that pars back on functionality-based superfluousness, instead opting to accentuate the luxury inherent in laid-back dressing.

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