• Jan. Necessity Sense First Oversea Pop-up ”Glory Times” At Lane Crawford // “Pressured Paradise” presentation In NYC
  • Feb. The Room Marni Art Installation
  • Mar. The Room Alyx Art Installation
  • Apr. “Daylight Saving” Editorial By John Clayton Lee
  • May. “Bitter Sweet” Editorial By Bleumode
  • Jun. “Rusty Dream” Lookbook // “Every 4 Years” Styling Series
  • Aug. “Over Consumed” Styling Series // “Morning Routine” Editorial
  • Sep. “As Seen On Tv” Editorial // "Closed Window" Lookbook By Fabien Montique
  • Sep. Collaboration With Convenience Store Hi-life // Necessity Sense "Closed Window" Campaign 
  • Oct. The Room Necessity Sense "Closed Window" Art Installation // Closed Window After Party At W Hotel
  • Sep. Necessity Sense「Closed Window」"Trip" Editorial
  • Oct. Necessity Sense Art Installation At 10 Corsocomo // “From Boy To Man” Styling Series
  • Nov. Black Friday Event - Make Your Wardrobe Great Again!
  • Nov. Necessity Sense Art Installation at VOS Paris // “DRY CLEAN ONLY” Styling Series
  • Dec. Bleumode Photo Exhibition “BLEU”

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